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I Floating Offshore Wind

Our Expertise:

  • Concept and early-stage engineering

  • Client engineering

  • Mooring analysis and design

  • Naval architecture substructure assessment

  • Floating substructure technology review

  • Dynamic cable analysis

  • Electrical engineering

We have developed a significant track record in this area working with NSTA, Orcadian Energy, NZTC, Siemens Energy, BHP, Subsea 7 and Equinor.

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Key Services:


I Substructure assessment

Multi-facetted assessments to support substructure selection:

  • Organisational details;

    • Delivery strategy review

    • Relevant experience

  • Technical assessment

    • Structural & constructability

    • Marine systems & maintainability

    • Installability & location compatibility (sea state & water depth)

    • Design life

    • TRL

  • Provision of key building blocks

    • Turbine procurement and delivery strategy

    • Key vendors and relationships

    • Fabrication location

  • Operations and Maintenance

    • Frequency and quantity of maintenance

    • Access requirements

  • Decommissioning

 Floating vs Fixed assessment
  • Early assessment of fixed vs floating solutions

    • Substations

    • Turbines

  • Performed at concept stage

    • Minimise CAPEX & OPEX (TOTEX)

    • Ensure all risks are considered at an early stage

  • Assessment can include

    • CAPEX & OPEX estimates

    • Risk assessment

      • TRL

      • Contracting strategy

      • Fabrication

      • Installation

      • Operation & Maintenance

I Lenders Technical Advisor

Typical scope

  • Technical due diligence 

  • Pre-funding technical and commercial project reviews

  • Technical and commercial risk reviews during execution phase

  • Completion and start-up reviews

  • Reviewing operational performance for existing assets, including technical performance and OPEX budgets/expenditure

  • Supporting debt funding of pre-completion financing of projects

  • Supporting re-financing activities either via direct investment or through the bond markets

  • Clients cover commercial debt lenders in Asia, Europe, UK & US, and supporting financing backed by Export Credit Agencies 

Some of projects include:

I Mooring design

Crondall Energy delivers mooring solutions for all type of offshore floating structures, conducting comprehensive analysis, design, supplier engagement for all components of the mooring system:

  • Feasibility / Conceptual design

  • FEED

  • 3rd Party engineering verification

I Subsea cables

Crondall Energy can analyse the subsea cable layout and interface for floating structures.

  • Design or 3rd Party verification

  • Dynamic global analysis of subsea cables / umbilical and risers

    • Strength analysis

    • Overbending assessment

    • Fatigue assessments

  • Arrangement selection: free laying vs. lazy wave

  • Ancillaries design:

    • Mid-Water arch

    • Buoyancy module

I Floating substations

Crondall Energy can assess the performance of floating wind turbines subjected to offshore environment.

  • Design development with Siemens Energy based on BPT’s patented hullform:

    • Hull sizing for AC OTM substation payload

    • Design optimisation for motions performance

    • Model testing and motions verification

    • Constructability reviews

  • Ongoing R&D into DC substation design

  • BEIS Floating wind demonstration project:

    • Model testing marine operations & motions

  • Pre-feasibility studies:

    • Northern North Sea DC substation

    • Mediterranean AC substation

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I Electrical engineering

Technical consultancy offering with experience in offshore and marine sectors

  • Concept development

    • Alternative offtake / export options, energy integration

    • Power system design / SLD development

    • Grid connection / transmission technology

    • Cable system topology assessment and sizing

    • Assessment of new technologies

  • Offshore Substations

    • Power system analysis, electrical protection schemes

    • Sizing and specification of major equipment

    • UPS and battery systems

    • Auxiliary, control, and protection systems

  • Owners Engineer Services

    • Electrical work package management

    • Power system / electrical protection analysis

    • Problem statement / SOR development

    • Independent technical support

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