I Publications

Dynamics of a Pipeline Span on an Elastic Seabed

Ralph Peek, Matt Witz and Knut Vedeld​

2021 Applied Ocean Research, Volume 111

Can we safely reduce the time & effort spent on Subsea Pipeline Trenching?

Stephen Booth, Graeme Rogerson, Jerry Baker

Presented at Subsea Expo 2020

Long range & Challenging Tiebacks - Eliminating the Umbilical

David Steed

Presented at Subsea Expo 2020

Unlocking Stranded Reserves with Unattended Installations

Joel Maisey and Elgonda LaGrange

Hart Energy E&P

ECAs and Lateral Buckling

Andrew Cosham, Kenneth A. MacDonald, Ian MacRae and Malcolm Carr​

OMAE2019, Volume 5B: Pipelines, Risers, and Subsea Systems

Unlocking Marginal Fields

David Steed

Presented at Subsea Expo 2020

Umbilical-less Systems Engineering

Neil Robertson

Delivered at Subsea UK Subsea Springboard

Assessment of Stress Based Design Pipelines Experiencing High Axial Strains

Robert Andrews, Mark Stephens, Malcolm Carr and Johannes Bruckner​

2018 12th International Pipeline Conference

A Review of Strain Capacity Assessment Methods for Transmission Pipelines

Dr Robert Andrews, Mark Stephens, Malcolm Carr, and Johannes Brückner

Paper 19, The Technology for Future and Ageing Pipelines (TFAP)

Mitigation of Lateral Buckling at an In-line Tee

Leanne Tindall, Lee Martin, Ian MacRae, David Bruton, Ludovic Assier, Cédric Lerche and Hervé Gueveneux

OPT 2017

Pipeline Technology—Expansion and Global Buckling

David A.S. Bruton

Encyclopedia of Maritime and Offshore Engineering, 2017