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Energy Hubs: Fill the Backbone

Net Zero Technology Centre
Contributions to the Energy Resources and Microgrid sections by Joel Maisey and Declan Fahy

Energy Hubs: Fill the Backbone, NZTC, 2024

Maximising the efficiency of GW scale hydrogen production as a microgrid

Joel Maisey

Subsea Expo 2024

Development of a vertical embedded plate anchor (VEPLA) for pipeline restraint

P G Allan, PACE Geotechnics
D Bruton, Crondall Energy
M J Brown & Y Sharif, Dundee University

Innovative Geotechnologies for Energy Transition, The Society of Underwater Technology, 2023

See animation here:

CCUS Transport & Storage: Operability Challenges

Dr Murray Anderson

Subsea Expo 2023

Deep Geological Storage of CO2 on the UK Continental Shelf
Containment Certainty

BEIS: Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Managing Emissions Abatement Towards Net Zero

Joel Maisey, Brendan Robertson, Murray Anderson

Aberdeen Business Breakfast, 23.11.2022

Axial Soil Stiffness For Deepwater Pipeline Walking Analysis

Jinbo Chen, Kevin Ouyang, Shuang Hu, Jason Newlin, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.
David White, University of Southampton
Chris Hadley, Shell Global Solutions US Inc.
David Bruton, Crondall Energy
Meng Luo, formerly with Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.

ISFOG 2020, Austin Texas, August 2022

Electrifying the North Sea: Orcadian's Microgrid Concept

Orcadian Energy, Crondall Energy, Enertechnos, NSMP, Wartsila & Petrofac

May 2022

Power 2 X Joint Industry Project Proposal Presentation

Neil Robertson

Presented at INTOG Leasing Round Workshop, March 2022

Meeting Environmental Objectives to Reduce Emissions on Offshore Oil
and Gas Projects Using Crondall Energy's ZETA Tool.

Tony Hodgkins

Presented at Subsea Expo 2022

Hydrocarbon Production vs. Carbon Dioxide Injection

Murray Anderson

Presented at Subsea Expo 2022

Dynamics of a Pipeline Span on an Elastic Seabed

Ralph Peek, Matt Witz and Knut Vedeld​

2021 Applied Ocean Research, Volume 111

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