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I Case Studies

Sector: Energy Transition

Compressed Air Storage

Crondall Energy and Durham University have worked in partnership to accelerate the development of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) in the UK continental shelf.

This comes after the award of funding under a £6.7 million UK government Longer Duration Energy Storage competition to investigate feasibility of an offshore CAES system.

Sector: Energy Transition

The Microgrid Concept

Crondall Energy is proud to be a part of the Orcadian Consortium who have worked together to create the Microgrid concept which provides a new approach to electrification.

Sector: Subsea Pipelines

Mitigation of ITA Rotation

The client approached Crondall Energy to investigate an ongoing issue with a 16-inch gas export pipeline, installed in 2007, that transports gas over 150 km from an FPSO to a platform in shallow water. The pipeline is located in West Africa in approximately 1100-1300m water depth.

Sector: Subsea Pipelines

Mitigation of Pipeline Walking

The North Sea field production flowlines operate at high temperature and are susceptible to lateral buckling and walking. Members of the Crondall Energy team had previous experience providing operational support and identify any potential integrity issues. In the past the field had experienced pipeline slugging issues which were resolved by the work performed by Crondall Energy engineers. The operational support by our engineers continues which resulted in the identification of pipeline walking issues.

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