I Who We Are

Crondall Energy is a leading independent consultancy providing strategic, commercial and technical services for offshore energy projects.


We work with a range of project stakeholders, including energy companies, investors and law firms.  We help our clients to manage technical, commercial and strategic risks and achieve positive project outcomes.

We are passionate about the role of the offshore industry in providing society's sustainable energy and are actively engaged in supporting our clients confront the challenges of generating low carbon energy and renewable energy in the offshore environment.


I Our mission

Our mission is to be recognised as the leading independent energy consultancy in the offshore market, by consistently helping our clients make sound strategic, technical and commercial decisions about the development of energy resources in the challenging offshore environment.


For our clients - we aim to help our clients obtain superior project results by minimising project delivery risks, providing consistently sound advice and introducing current industry best practice throughout the development of project execution strategies, technology selection, and the specification and procurement of goods and services.


For our shareholders - we aim to build a business with long-term and sustainable shareholder value by building long-term strategic relationships with key global customers and providing sound, consistent and objective advice.