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I Join Us

At Crondall Energy we are celebrating both our 21st birthday and also our most successful year ever.  As a result, we are now looking for excellent engineers across our business.  So, why join Crondall Energy?

  • We have great staff retention, which speaks volumes about what it's like to work here

  • We are focussed on the energy transition, reducing emissions, carbon capture and renewable energy

  • We are passionate about technology, so much so that we are developing our own!

  • We are owned by our management; we are 100% committed to success

Particular areas of current work include carbon capture, emissions reductions and support of FPSO & subsea projects and operations.  Relevant disciplines are:


  1. Naval Architect (>10 years' experience)

  2. Marine Engineer (>10 years' experience)

  3. Structural Engineer with FPSO experience (>10 years' experience)

  4. Principal Process Engineer (>10 years' experience)

  5. Pipeline Engineer (>5 years' experience)

  6. Subsea Engineer (>10 years' experience)

  7. Experienced FPSO professionals to lead technical advisory assignments and/or lead FPSO owner’s engineer delivery teams (>10 years' experience)


We are a growing consultancy making a difference.   If you want to make a difference, then please contact us:

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