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I Emissions Reduction Analysis

Regulatory compliance and increasing investor/ stakeholder expectations, requires operators to estimate and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for both new projects and existing facilities.

Crondall Energy analyses emissions using a proprietary tool called ZETA - Zero Emissions Tracking and Assessment which estimates GHG emissions from construction through to operations and decommissioning.


ZETA enables Crondall Energy's team to assess emissions across the lifecycle of a project and to complete sensitivities covering design, execution, and operational decisions.  Using this tool Crondall Energy's team can advise clients on the impact of project decisions from early concept design, through to operational facilities and decommissioning.

ZETA tool

ZETA's emissions analysis follows globally accepted industry guidelines including API, GHG protocol and IPIECA. Data inputs include specific operator data, project design information, vendor data and Crondall Energy's own inputs.

The ZETA tool has been validated by environmental consultants, client reviews, reported emissions benchmarking and industry data.  


I Operators and non-operating partners

Crondall provides emissions analysis through the development lifecycle, benchmarking against other facilities and providing recommendations for emissions reduction opportunities.

Crondall also focuses on power generation optimisation and process heat design to reduce emissions. KPIs are developed for setting emissions targets, as well as ongoing measurement and tracking through operations.

I Lenders and third party stakeholders

Crondall can support project financing using the ZETA tool, by analysing the through-life emissions of a proposed development, and benchmarking the project against operating units and other investment opportunities, whereby enabling stakeholders to justify their involvement in the project.

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