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I IMR - Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

The IMR tool estimates the workload for all IMR activities throughout the facility life. This is a "Bottom up" estimate based on the facility equipment list, providing the IMR hours, and POB on an annual basis, throughout the life of the facility.

The POB is broken down by technician type (i.e. Operations, Electrical, etc) and support roles (i.e. management, HSE, hotel services, etc).

IMR Estimation.PNG

Crondall Energy combines its technical expertise and operational experience with the IMR tool to provide the following services;

  • Estimating the accommodation size and adjust throughout the project development

  • Asses the opportunity to reduce offshore IMR hours,

  • Assess the impact of alternative operational strategies,

  • Assess the impact of digital tools,

  • Assess the impact of alternative process designs

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