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Electrifying the North Sea: The Microgrid Concept

Crondall Energy is proud to be a part of the Orcadian Consortium who have worked together to create the Microgrid concept which provides a new approach to electrification.

Electrification of offshore oil and gas is not easy – it is neither trivial nor cheap to replace the power from onboard generators – but the imperative to do so is plain for all to see. In response to climate concerns those of us in the oil and gas industry will continue to advocate for cleaner methods of extraction and production. The impetus for change came from the North Sea Transition deal agreed between the industry and the government in March 2021, and one year later, the realities and complexities of delivering on that task have been laid bare.

Through collaboration and challenge, operators from across the North Sea are finding economical and sustainable solutions for power from shore options. The Orcadian consortium, one of three winners of the North Sea Transition Authority’s Electrification Competition in September, has completed a study that provides a new approach.

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