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Condall Energy Supports Net Zero Technology Centre’s Energy Hubs Report

Crondall Energy has supported Net Zero Technology Centre with the new Energy Hubs: Fill the Backbone Report.  The team made significant contributions to the Energy Resources and Microgrids sections. 

This ground breaking report focuses on the infrastructure, long-term investment, and technological innovations necessary to establish commercially viable and efficient energy hubs across Scotland. 

The Net Zero Technology Centre phased plan aims to develop a network of energy hubs, positioning Scotland as a major player in the green hydrogen market.  By 2045, the country could produce up to 35 GW of hydrogen, unlocking its potential as an international exporter of green hydrogen23. These energy hubs, integrating GW-scale low-carbon hydrogen with Scotland’s offshore wind resources, are essential for achieving net-zero emissions and driving the transition to a sustainable energy future4.

Read the full report here: 🔗 Energy Hubs: Fill the Backbone - Net Zero Technology Centre ( 🔗



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