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Crondall Energy to reduce emissions & operating costs on Orcadian Energy microgrid electrification

North Sea firm Orcadian Energy has shared its microgrid electrification blueprint for axing operational oil and gas emissions by up to 80%. Crondall Energy is supporting this project as Client Engineer working on the Concept Development.

The microgrid concept may soon be adopted by the likes of BP, Shell, TotalEnergies and Harbour Energy as companies strive to reduce their environmental impact and meet the Nett Zero Emissions targets.

Orcadian Energy, Crondall Energy and the consortium partners have delivered their report into central North Sea electrification to industry regulator, the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA).

Working with other consortium partners, Orcadian Energy and Crondall Energy have designed a viable, reliable, off-grid option for powering North Sea platforms.

Based on energy from floating wind turbines, the approach is augmented by gas-powered generators with enough battery to ensure reliable supply. Floating distribution hubs will be used to pool the power from wind turbines and distribute it to platforms through a network of cables. By removing the need for a cable from shore, the concept could deliver savings of around £1.6 billion and would be 25% cheaper than hooking into the onshore grid. Core infrastructure could also be reused or redeployed, creating a North Sea electrification legacy. It is hoped that the solution will slash future operating costs, prolonging the life of mature fields and opening the door for satellite discoveries with minimal emissions.

The Crondall Energy team are very much looking forward to discussing the concept with other operators with a view to further progressing the electrification concept. The solution was tailored to platforms in the Central Graben area, which lists BP, Shell, TotalEnergies and Harbour Energy amongst its operators, whilst also being suitable for other areas of the North Sea including areas West of Shetland. There is also an option to participate in the upcoming Crown Estate Scotland INTOG offshore wind leasing round to support its implementation.

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