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Crondall Energy Benefits from Links to Academia

As part of their technology strategy Crondall Energy is working closely with several universities.

This approach has three main areas of focus; to engage with research teams in the development of new technology, to support engineering students in their studies and to bring students into the workplace.

Crondall Energy’s Flow Assurance Director Dr Murray Anderson, industry sponsor of a research study with Herriot-Watt University said: “Working closely with Universities helps us to stay at the forefront of technology developments and helps us to bring new solutions to our clients. Working with the universities will remain as a strategic objective within our business”.

An example of technology development is working with Herriot-Watt University investigating how pipeline coatings can be used to provide flow assurance benefits. The study is in partnership with Heriot-Watt University, The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC), The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) and is being led by Crondall Energy’s in-house Flow Assurance team in Aberdeen.

New technology is also being considered as part of the Anchoring Pipeline Technology research project, with the University of Dundee evaluating the performance of novel pipeline anchoring methods that could be pre-installed or retrofitted to subsea pipelines by an ROV (remote operated vehicle) at much lower costs than traditional pipeline anchoring systems.

Crondall Energy’s work with supporting students in their studies, includes sponsorship and supervision of a PhD student over a three year period at the University of Oxford, conducting research into “3D Computational Modelling of Subsea Pipeline-Soil Interaction”. Crondall Energy is also supporting the Pipelines and Subsea MSc programmes at the University of Newcastle as external lecturers, providing industry experience to the next generation.

Finally, Crondall Energy is bringing students into the work place through their graduate recruitment scheme and a student placement scheme. The graduate recruitment scheme runs each year and attracts students from several universities across the UK.

Crondall Energy’s Aberdeen office has recently recruited a Business Metrics Intern. The recruitment for this positions is exclusively with the University of Aberdeen and allows Crondall Energy the opportunity to bring in fresh thinking from students outside of the engineering disciplines.

Crondall Energy considers engagement with the next generation to be an important responsibility. Stephen Booth, Crondall Energy Subsea MD commented: “We are committed to bringing through the next generation of engineers. My generation has worked hard to develop the industry thus far and we need to support the next generation to develop the industry further as it moves towards greener energy, digitalisation and other technical innovations”.

Students will be engaging with Crondall Energy’s loyal and experienced team of specialist independent consultants working across oil and gas, focusing on exciting and transformative new technologies to maximise economic recovery in UKCS and beyond.



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