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I Technical Review & Due Diligence

All Crondall Energy’s risk management services are built around a structured process, involving the identification of risks, evaluation of the severity and probability of the risks and evaluation of measures to manage and mitigate risks.  We do this through project risk reviews which include:

  • Project risk identification workshops; (identification and mitigation of both technical and commercial execution/delivery risks);

  • Customised project-specific risk reviews, which can comprise:

    • A review of specific project risk areas; 

    • A review of contractor deliverables;

    • A review of project acceptance.

  • Project start-up audits (including operations readiness reviews);

  • Project risk review using Crondall Energy’s FPSO Project Readiness Assessment tool (FPRA).

Crondall Energy provides due diligence services for various project stakeholders including operators, non-operating partners, lenders, investors and others within the oil and gas supply chain. Reviews may include:


  • Project execution plans;

  • Evaluation of project cost and schedule;

  • Review of technical focus areas such as contractor deliverables.

  • Technology readiness and equipment performance;

  • Performance of existing assets;

  • Company track-record.

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