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Growth in Graduate Appointments at Crondall Energy

The Crondall Energy team has recently added 6 graduates and an intern to the group.

The graduates will work across the organisation in electrification, energy transition, subsea, marine and facilities and the internship is focussed on our patented unmanned buoy technology.

This increase in graduate hires reflects the organisation’s growth as it moves further into the energy transition and renewable energies markets while still supporting the traditional oil and gas business.

Crondall Energy Managing Director, Anna-Louise Peters said “At Crondall we think it’s vitally important to invest in our team and the next generation in particular. This group come with fresh ideas and new ways of working. We make a point of listening to them, including them in the team, and supporting them to develop in their careers. With this in mind we’ve set up a Young Engineers Development Forum which provides a platform for our graduates and interns to interact, share knowledge and grow in their roles.”



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