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Senior Advisor

David has over 40 years’ experience as a specialist in pipelines and associated facilities in the oil and gas industry, working within design consultancies and operating companies. His roles have included design, bid preparation, specification, procurement, installation, and commissioning of submarine pipelines. He has also provided pipeline design verification services on many projects.

David managed the design of several subsea pipeline design projects and has been involved in several leading-edge studies. He has provided specialist support on high temperature, deep water pipeline design and installation for numerous international projects, including the direction of specialist research and testing.

David was responsible for initiating and leading the highly successful SAFEBUCK joint industry project that addressed the safe design of hot on-bottom pipelines by providing research and design guidance to the industry; this design guidance is now used on oil and gas projects around the world and has been adopted by DNVGL into their Recommended Practices. David was also instrumental in guiding and advancing key pipe-soil interaction testing methods that many projects now use. David is responsible for the APT (Anchoring Pipeline Technology) joint industry project.

David was closely involved in integrity monitoring surveys and remediation engineering on several operating deep water assets. He has also been involved in pipeline failure investigations and providing expert witness support.

David was responsible for several design innovations that have now passed into common usage. He has co-authored forty-two technical papers on pipeline related topics and has lectured at Newcastle University on the Subsea MSc and Pipelines MSc courses.

David received the Outstanding Contribution Award to subsea industry at Subsea Expo 2022.

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