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Case Study: Life Extension

Work Type: Pipeline System Life Extension
Client: Total E&P UK
Field: FUKA


Crondall staff have performed 2 related studies for FUKA in connection with system life extension.  text text 

The Challenge

Crondall Energy was asked to develop and then apply an open-ended process to determine the constraints on ultimate life on the FUKA system.  An assessment of the various 3rd party systems that tie-in to FUKA via subsea connections was also required.

The Methodology

A 3-phase approach was developed where phase 1 considered the assessment methodology, phase 2 determined the current condition of the pipeline and phase 3 looked at the future condition of the pipeline.  The work involved liaising with the third-party operators requesting data and then performing an assessment of the risk of loss of containment from these systems.

The Results

Recommendations were made to enable the FUKA pipeline system to operate for a substantial period past its design life. **ALL TEXT TO BE REVIEWED**   **NOT READY FOR EXTERNAL SCRUTINY**

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