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I FPS Design & Development

Crondall Energy can provide the design of FPSOs and FSOs from concept, through feasibility studies, up to pre-FEED and FEED levels of definition.  Crondall Energy has a demonstrable track record in the development of both new build and conversion based solutions for FPSO and FSO applications.

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Key Services:


I Floating Production System Design

We have the knowledge and experience to develop solutions to match clients’ functional requirements and provide the technical and scope definition required for our clients to go to the market for the delivery of the specified unit on either a turnkey EPC, segmented EPC or lease/operate basis.  Crondall Energy can offer a complete package, or if clients require, work in cooperation with other providers, contractors, or shipyards to deliver a complete solution and a definition level engineering package.


Scope definition for our clients to go to the market for the delivery of the specified FPSO.


 Design capabilities include:

  • Global design;

  • Hull form, stability & subdivision;

  • Hull and topsides structures;

  • Marine systems;

  • Process systems design, equipment sizing and specification, topsides layout;

  • Topsides and marine utilities;

  • Mooring and riser systems;

  • Turret mooring and fluid transfer systems (where required);

  • Developing level 2/3 costs and schedule to act as project baseline and/or sanction basis. (Deterministic or stochastic);

  • Marine/topsides/subsea interface management.

More Info:
FPSO Global Design

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