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I Field Development Delivery

The Crondall Energy team uses a broad technical understanding of floating and subsea production systems to deliver engineering and consultancy throughout the delivery of a field development.  We support operators throughout the project lifecycle with individual packages like procurement, specialist engineering, or assurance and verification work.

FPSO - North Sea
Flow assurance
Subsea field layout
Key Services:

I Client engineering over full project lifecycle

Our staff have experience of working on oil and gas projects around the world and we often provide key staff to a client’s project team or act in a technical assurance role to provide continuity from earlier project phases.


I Tender package development and evaluation

We are experienced at developing detailed or functional specifications and scopes of work for inclusion into the client’s project request for tender documents. As part of this exercise an evaluation tool is often developed in parallel to facilitate consistent and auditable evaluation of contractor’s tenders.


I Specialist engineering support and studies

This can include discrete scopes of work to resolve specific project risks or uncertainties such as:

  • Flow assurance and operability

  • Verification of pipeline design

  • Process de-bottlenecking

  • Subsea technology readiness and qualification studies

  • Value engineering


I Project risk; Assurance reviews; and Verification studies

All our technical work for clients is focussed on understanding and mitigating technical risk. We also conduct formal risk reviews to identify risks and evaluate their probability of occurrence and consequence on the project. We consider technical and commercial factors, contractor deliverables, project acceptance and project start-up audits. Where risks are unacceptable, we develop and evaluate measures to manage and mitigate the risks.


We also provide clients with a technical assurance service.  A multi-discipline team of experienced professionals undertakes a high-level review of the project to identify areas of potential risk and at the same time engages closely with the operator and contractor to gain a deep understanding of their needs and key issues.  We then look more closely at the areas of potential risk and work with the project team to reduce risk and improve the design where appropriate to do so.

A similar, but more detailed approach, provides clients with an overall project specific component third-party engineering verification service for FPSO and subsea scopes of supply to provide assurance that critical engineering has been completed at an appropriate level and all components are serving the overall system function efficiently. The objective is to minimise risks but also avoid costly over engineering.


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