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I Flow Assurance

Crondall Energy has in-depth technical expertise in subsea systems engineering from the wellhead to the production facility.  We can support operators to ensure that their subsea systems operate efficiently and effectively to maintain and maximise production in the long term.

Riser with buoyancy aid
Flow assurance
Subsea Manifold
Key Services:

I Flow assurance modelling

We have highly experienced engineers using the latest software to model and analyse challenging hydrocarbon flow from the wellbore to the separator inlet.  This key activity defines line size, heat transfer and temperature distributions, and determines the most appropriate strategies to mitigate hydrate and wax build-up to prevent system blockages.


Our analytical capabilities include multiphase modelling software OLGA, LEDAflow and PIPESIM, supported by fluid phase and hydrate modelling packages PVTsim and Multiflash.

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