Graduate Engineer previous draft

Aberdeen or Southampton

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Crondall Energy is currently recruiting for Engineering Graduates and Post-Graduates to join our subsea engineering team and would welcome applications from the following (or related) disciplines:

• Mechanical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Chemical Engineering


  • Masters degree with and anticipated 2.1 or higher class Engineering (Mechanical, Civil/Structural), Aeronautical Engineering, Naval Architecture or Chemical Engineering. 

  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated

  • Strong technical focus

About the Company

The subsea industry is an exciting place to work, characterised by challenging projects and ever evolving technology. The subsea team at Crondall is active in many areas of the subsea industry and, since forming in 2011, has regularly and successfully recruited top graduates. The Crondall subsea team includes industry experts across several disciplines and the owners/directors of the company are themselves engineering graduates working full time in the business.

Previous graduates have worked with our experienced engineers to develop a variety of skills that are then applied to real world projects. Examples of the sorts of work our graduate hires can expect to be involved in are:

• Structural assessments (FEA) of subsea pipelines under a variety of conditions. Crondall is highly experienced at evaluating the potential for the phenomenon of pipeline walking and buckling to occur. Our work provides clients with recommended mitigations to prevent failures that could result in significant environmental damage and commercial loss. Our work in this area involves sophisticated FEA modelling of high stress and strain conditions. We have an on-going software development programme to provide probabilistic evaluations of structural integrity that account for the range of uncertainties in analysis inputs.

• Steady state and transient computer modelling of multi-phase flow within oil and gas pipelines. This involves building complex models of the flow conduit from sand face to process facility and then using it to model a variety of conditions from start up to end of life to ensure that as conditions inside and outside the pipeline change, the flow can be managed and assured. We provide the key technical information which enables oil and gas wells to flow safely and economically.

• Subsea field design. This involves looking at the numbers and locations of planned wells and developing efficient architecture through manifolding, well and flow control, flowlines and risers to get the oil and gas back to the processing facility. Possible options are developed and evaluated in terms of technical feasibility including installation, ability to meet functional requirements, equipment selection and installed cost. This process arrives at an independent supplier agnostic recommended best value concept for the client to take into detailed design.

• Subsea technology development. Our work and expertise provide opportunities for us to think of how technology can be improved. As a company Crondall Energy invests our own time and money to develop our technology ideas as well as seeking external funding and we look to involve graduates in technology projects. We are also sponsoring research at Oxford and Heriot Watt University.

As graduates develop skills in some or all of these areas, we aim to give them a thorough system understanding so over time they can provide our clients with knowledgeable, balanced insights and advice on how to reduce risk and add most value to their projects. Ultimately the future success of Crondall Energy will be built on the ability of our staff to continue to do this as we grow.

Our skills are in demand, our people are our greatest asset and we pride ourselves on a having a supportive small company atmosphere where work-life balance is regarded as essential to delivering quality work.