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I Buoyant Production Technologies

Buoyant Production Technologies (BPT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crondall Energy with the remit to develop, market and commercialise novel technologies related to Floating Production and Subsea projects.


BPT’s current focus is on the application of digital technologies offshore to enable new offshore production system concepts to be developed with a disruptive impact on field economics and emissions.

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Key Technologies:

I Unmanned floating production solutions

BPT has developed a series of production buoy concepts focussed around the use of technology to achieve low offshore manning, low emissions and smaller scale, low CAPEX facilities. 


The design has a number of patented features and is scaleable for different field requirements around a central concept:

  • Slender “hull” structure plus integrated (buoyant) “deck box”:

  • Open process deck for topside equipment, personnel access;

  • Deck box houses power generation and utilities.

  • Hull provides ballast, mooring system, designed to minimise motions.


I Production Buoy   

Standalone production facility for smaller deep water developments.


I Power & Control Buoy

Providing well-site services to enable subsea developments such as long-range / complex gas and oil tiebacks.

I Low manning FPSO series

BPT is developing a series of newbuild FPSO designs around the central theme of low manning and low emissions. 


Applying the philosophies underpinning the unmanned buoy designs, BPT's FPSO design exhibit significant improvements over conventional FPSO designs with a knock-on impact to CAPEX and OPEX:

  • Eliminated Saltwater ballast system;

  • Consolidation of systems to reduce equipment count;

  • Digitally enabled to minimise offshore personnel;

  • Compact topside facilities to minimise size.

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