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I Marine Technology

Crondall Energy has extensive marine technology expertise and experience allowing us to provide technical support on hull, mooring and marine aspects of Floating Production projects.  The team can provide a range of services to clients, both as standalone studies or as part of an integrated multi-disciplinary team.  These services are supported by expertise in naval architecture, marine and structural engineering offering the following technical analyses supported by a full suite of software packages:

320 FPSO.jpg
NOV02_FPSO_FEED_CAM04 (2).jpg

Key Services:

I Naval architecture

  • Intact and damage stability;

  • Motions analysis;

  • Mooring and riser analysis;.


I Structural engineering

  • Structural design from simplified rule based approaches to full Finite Element models;

  • Detailed fatigue analysis.


I Marine engineering

  • Marine systems design and equipment specification.

I Hull concept sizing

Crondall Energy has experience in the identification of suitable hull options for floating production projects based on their technical suitability and market availability.  We can develop key hull characteristics based on preliminary field and topsides data and review suitable newbuild, conversion and redeployment options to meet these requirements and build an understanding of hull suitability, CAPEX and schedule.

I Hull pre-FEED engineering​

Crondall Energy can complete pre-FEED hull engineering studies to support Select gate decisions including structural design, intact and damage stability analyses, motions, mooring analyses and marine systems definition to confirm the suitability of the hull and develop hull specifications for shipyard quotation.


I FEED studies

Crondall Energy’s Marine Technology team can provide FEED studies for discrete shipboard packages and brownfield modifications including structural design, stability and motions analysis. 

I Engineering verification

Crondall Energy can provide targeted third party verification of contractor’s hull and marine engineering output to verify that critical/ high risk engineering challenges are being adequately addressed by the contractor.  Typical assignments include verification of motions analysis output, structural fatigue analysis results and stability analysis output. 


I Hull inspections

Crondall Energy’s team regularly completes condition assessments of tanker hulls and existing FPSOs to support stakeholders interested in the asset, either as an ongoing producing facility or for purchase.  Such inspections provide an independent viewpoint on the suitability of the hull structures, coatings and marine systems for its proposed purpose. 

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