Technology Development

Crondall Energy has the unique ability to provide a project team of floating production and subsea experts who work with operators to select the best concept for the field development.

We have an experienced team of naval architects, process and flow assurance engineers, pipeline and riser engineers and subsea equipment experts to suit the size of the project.  Our strength lies in our system understanding and independence of thought. 

Key Services:

Crondall Energy is at the forefront of developing new pipeline technology that will support oil and gas operators to extract remaining reserves effectively.  We use an academic approach to continuously drive innovation and new product development for industry.  Much of Crondall Energy's pipeline technology development is focused around pipeline buckling and we have developed methods of predicting and managing buckling to maintain production for the long term.

Buoyant Production Technologies (BPT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crondall Energy with the remit to develop, market and commercialise novel technologies related to Floating Production and Subsea projects.


BPT’s current focus is on the application of digital technologies offshore to enable new offshore production system concepts to be developed with a disruptive impact on field economics.